Tuesday, 10 February 2009


ive not been blogging much. nothing interesting to say. decided to delete MILK and SWEETENER and instead am adopting a new approch to them both.

at the moment my life is chaotic and stressful

having a hard time of it

lost my inspiration and my happy-go-lucky attitude. yey for pessimistic cynical bitchiness

Sunday, 25 January 2009

like nuclear war in your brain

makes no sense, but MILK is pretty much finished. just a few tweaks to do me thinks. and SWEETNER is already started. the two start with a very similar speech from DREAMER. tis nice.

I'm on my way home and I hear a- [screech] I turn around. It's something and nothing and you probably don't really care anyway. I carry on walking. But everybody else stops.

You're.. You're red.

...I can't stop the bleeding. I can’t stop it! Stop the bleeding. I can't.. Cant... Stop... Bleed... Blood-

Why is it that the people who want to die, live? And those who want to live, die?

Prepare for something special soon!

Monday, 19 January 2009

in a sexy voice..

its not the best. I'm saving the best for the people who bother to read the play when it's finished LOL. enjoy

The river is liquid glass, its surface too tempting.

Don't try it, humans can't walk on water.

There was this one bloke.

He's gonna do it!

You're not Jesus. You're just a Dreamer.

When I try to walk on water, it’s just the step before drowning.

So don't step. Don't drown. Don't die.

You can't stop me.

But you can stop yourself.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Here they are, the characters of MILK. Crazy people but they make me happy inside.

HERO - Your stereotypical hero. But talks to Villain quite civil-like.
VILLAIN - Your stereotypical villain. Takes the mick out of Hero.
TRAITOR - Bad to good. Uncertain of alot of things.
PAWN - Follows VILLAIN around everywhere.
FAITH - Blind. Sister 1
HOPE - Quiet. Sister 2
CHARITY - Poor. Sister 3
WAR - Just bored of it all really. He's too cool
GOD - Indifferent. Really doesn't care much as long as he has bedtime stories and tea.
SATAN - Quite blar-zay. Quite good friends with God really...
DREAMER - Observer/Outsider. Just randomly talks to everybody

And there's mentions of a dragon who'll be one of the main characters in SWEETNER but for the rest you'll have to wait =]

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

cue heavenly chorus

it's finally done! ONE SUGAR IS FINISHED

well, excuse me if i go jump around my house lik a retard, im happy =D

so on with MILK and SWEETNER. background info.. this is part of my intro to the entire series. funny i wrote this before i'd even started writing MILK and SWEETNER lol

"SWEETNER and MILK are different in their content and in the way they were created. They're dream-like in style and reach a level seperate from the SUGARS. The two are partners in a way, twins that have common links and occasionally refer to eachother. If performing one it might be wise to read it's counterpart. There are what I call 'almost characters'. At the beginning of both piece there is a (very) brief note about each character. Like the SUGARS there are no set stage directions and the actors have a freedom within their physicality and interactions."

can i just point out, thats me being a poncy git. i dont talk/write like that normally =P


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

came to say goodbye, love

so i'm sitting at my laptop with all the lights off and the RENT soundtrack playing. looking for audition songs for drama schools ect. man. i need a life.

almost alomost finished ONE SUGAR. just want a few more lines and then i have the perfect ending, but i wanna be able to smoothly link it all.

lar. bored. anybody got anything inspiring to share?


Friday, 9 January 2009

she who dresses as hero..

Yes yes, I'm dressed up ready to go to a party. As Peter Pan. Shush. I have no Tinkerbell. That could be considered rude if you have a dirty mind like me ;)

However on twith the business at hand. I'd like to thank doctawho42 for giving a randomass quote to me =D it'll have its pride of place somewhere in one of the 11 plays.

And here's a random section from ONE SUGAR to keep y'all entertained

E - Doubting you takes energy, which I'm starting to have less and less of. I realise this drowning thing is really a grand old irony. You see, it's not that I saved you. We just switched places.

N - You taste like someone's last dream before dying.

O - Closer, further, somewhere and nowhere.

C - What does it matter?

O - The world revolves around you.

I'm off to sprinkle fairy dust on people =P